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Why Slime?

Because it the best!!



What Kids say?

Magnetic Slime Rocks!!


Slime Enthuasist

When it comes to slime Cameron's your man. He's only 7 but he's had many good years daveling in slime. "Magnetic Slime is the best"!!


Slime Connoisseur

When it comes making slime Frances is all over it. She's perfected slime texture and consistency and is the go to kid on the playground for the word on slime.

Mary & Mia

Slime BFF's

This best friend duo loves a good play-date with plenty of slime. They've shared plenty of birthday parties, camps and art projects over a tall bowl of slime.

What now?

Get it before it’s too late!! Remember if you buy 2 you Get 1 FREE- TODAY ONLY!!

Magnetic Slime

Magnetic Slime


To Order Multiple Colors- Add desired color & quantity, click add to cart, once checkout page has loaded use backspace arrow to return to slime page, Repeat until desired quantity/color is reached and checkout.

Type: Plasticine
Gender: Unisex
Age Range: > 3 years old
Plasticine Color Number: 6 Colors
Warning: Please avoid eating, keep away from the fire.

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